Historic Englewood garden holds first fall festival

Walker said one day when she let it be known that the garden needed mums, she came home to find an unmarked envelope in her mail box with 10 …

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Tarzan Towers: The £3.5million home with a VERY grown-up treehouse in the garden

Think of a treehouse and you'd probably imagine a single room made from plywood, perched amid the branches of a solitary tree – a simple, fun …

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Homewood’s Beautification Committee presented awards to village’s outstanding gardeners

She doesn't have a set design in mind but is always able to find what she wants at a local garden center or Homewood's Home Depot. Todd does the …

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Talking trash: Farm-to-table has arrived, but where is garbage going?

Thus far, I've made visits to three home and garden stores — Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Pike Nursery. In every instance, I came up short. Worse …

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ʻUlu Trees Available at Farm-to-School Month Celebration

Volunteers with local school garden organizations, Grow Some Good and Maui School Garden Network, will host a … Intermediate schools and are now ready for transplanting in home gardens and other community locations.

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Relax this fall with our November Home & Garden Magazine

Relax this fall with our November Home & Garden Magazine. Inside this issue, here's what you'll find: Things to do: November Calendar,page 6, 8-9.

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Persimmon festival, Home Depot workshops and Chapel Hill gardening classes

The event celebrates the persimmon and historic farming with persimmon products for sale, talks on persimmon history, food vendors, live music, arts …

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